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Change PTWEBSERVER Password

When creating a new PeopleSoft webserver domain, PTWEBSERVER is the user id set by default. In order to avoid issues this id should only be used for the webserver domain configuration. If the password for this user id gets changed it may cause the webserver to not boot up. If the PTWEBSERVER password ever needs to be changed, follow the below steps: Change the online password for PTWEBSERVER: This can be done by navigating to - PeopleTools -> Security -> User Profiles - Search and open the PTWEBSERVER user id and update the password. Read more...

PeopleTools Object Version Tables

PeopleTools Object Versions Record Description PSLOCK This table is used for version control PSOPTIONS This table is used to turn the change control enabling feature on or off. PSVERSION This table holds the version number details

PeopleTools Process Scheduler Tables

PeopleTools Process Type Details Record Description PS_PRCSDEFN Contains process type and process names PSPRCSLOCK Contains a single record, this gets updated when a process is submitted PeopleTools Process Status Record Description PSPRCSQUE Holds the process request details and should be in sync with PSPRCSRQST. PSPRCSRQST This table holds the process submitted details PS_CDM_LIST Contains the process instance details. Read more...

PeopleTools Security Tables

The Main PeopleTools Security Records. User Tables Record Description PSOPRDEFN Stores all operators (users) in the PeopleSoft system. Also stores their employee ID (EMPLID), encrypted password, primary permission list, default navigator home page, process profile permission list and row security permission list. PSROLEUSER The highest level of security access is defined by roles (think of them as groups). This table stores the roles the user belongs to. Read more...

PeopleTools Update User Password DataMover

Useful for when the main user id gets locked out. First log into Datamover in bootstrap mode. Then using the script below update the users password. Note: the script will vary depending on the peopletools version. I forget what the version is exactly, 8.54 I believe. For earlier versions of PeopleTools: update PSOPRDEFN set OPERPSWD = 'password', ENCRYPTED = 0 where OPRID = 'OPRID'; -- to encrypt the password encrypt_password OPRID; For later versions of PeopleTools Read more...

PeopleTools Version Details Tables

PeopleTools Version Details Record Description PSRELEASE This table holds the application release details PSSTATUS This table gives the peopletools information

Start Data Mover Bootstrap Mode

If the PS password has been lost or otherwise hosed, use bootstrap mode to make things right again. In order to start Datamover in bootstrap mode, use the system access ID and access password. For example by default it’s SYSADM. Learn how to update a user password including the PS password if needed.

User Security Join Table (SJT) Jobs

All of the SJT (Security Join Tables) jobs that that joins security information from other tables in the database into a temporary table on the application server for use in business rules. SJT_OPR_CLS: Contains the User IDs with their data permission lists. SJT_CLASS_ALL: Contains the data permission information for all the data permission lists that are given data access on the ‘Security by Dept Tree’ page or ‘Security by Permission List’ page. Read more...