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PeopleTools Process Scheduler Tables

PeopleTools Process Type Details

PS_PRCSDEFNContains process type and process names
PSPRCSLOCKContains a single record, this gets updated when a process is submitted

PeopleTools Process Status

PSPRCSQUEHolds the process request details and should be in sync with PSPRCSRQST.
PSPRCSRQSTThis table holds the process submitted details
PS_CDM_LISTContains the process instance details. Should be in sync with PS_CDM_AUTH
PS_CDM_AUTHContains the process instance details

PeopleTools Report Node Details

PS_CDM_DIST_NODEThis table holds the report node information which contains the report repository details
PS_CDM_DISTSTATUSContains the definition of report status

PeopleTools Batch Server Details

PS_SERVERDEFNContains the server definitions
PSSERVERSTATGives information about the batch server status