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DNS Observer A proof of concept that detects a visitors DNS provider.

Twelve-Factor App like the Docker voting app but something I created to practice these concepts.

Flask Autoversion Automatically version static file paths. When actively developing a web application, you may experience issues with browsers caching your static content. With this extension you can easily use the function in your templates that will update the query added on to the file path to bust the browser cache.

getboosttrap.com After one too many typos I decided to check if this domain was available. As it turns out...it was. It's now redirecting to the correct getbootstrap.com. I'm planning to make the stats public (like how many of us mistype it).

Bad Ips very recent and basic right now, but I am starting a project to track abusive IP addresses and will be providing the data here to hopefully benefit others.

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Essential Core CS for interviews Learn algorithms and data structures.