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How to zip file(s) in PowerShell?

Have some files and need to create a zip archive using Powershell? No problem, it’s built in!

Since PowerShell version 5+, there is an Compress-Archive command built in:

Compress-Archive running in PowerShell
Compress-Archive running in PowerShell
Compress-Archive -Path file.txt, file2.txt -CompressionLevel Fastest -DestinationPath C:\compress\to\here\myzipfile.zip

Note: There’s a 2 GB max file size limit due to a limitation of the underlying API.

Not sure which version of PowerShell you have?


Use Splatting

As seen in the example these lines can get long! Splatting can help with that. Here’s an example:

$compress = @{
  Path = "C:\Documents\file.txt", "C:\Documents\file1.txt"
  CompressionLevel = "Fastest"
  DestinationPath = "C:\Documents\myzipfile.zip"
Compress-Archive @compress

Find more information:

man Compress-Archive

Need to Extract a zip file?

Check out Expand-Archive in PowerShell