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Connecting from Mac OS X (m1) to Ubuntu Desktop

After discovering how pleasant it can be without the sound of a whirring fan, I started looking for options to locate my desktop computer elsewhere in the house. Enter the RDP App. After installing this on my mac I was able to remote into my Windows desktop (Follow this guide). I thought let me use this to remote into a Linux desktop, specifically Ubuntu. The steps: sudo apt install xrdpsudo systemctl enable xrdpsudo usermod -aG xrdp $USER Either reboot or run Read more...

How to Install Telnet on Mac (Including M1, M2 models)

Page Nav Using Brew Building from Source Have you found at the most inopportune time that Telnet is no longer on MacOS? Well, take solace in the fact that you’re not alone. Telnet has been removed from modern versions of the system software starting from MacOS Mojave and newer. These instructions will work for MacOS Mojave and newer, including Monterey (These are the steps that I have personally used to get Telnet back). Read more...