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CentOS 9 Automated KVM Install Using Kickstart

A quick demo using virt-install and Kickstart to provision a new CentOS 9 virtual machine. This uses KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) and libvirt to manage the VM. And uses Kickstart to setup and install the new system within the virtual machine. Creating kickstart file I’m going to post my Kickstart file on GitHub as a reference. It installs a headless server with some system admin tools, sets up networking, SELinux, and uses autopart to partition the disk with LVM support. Read more...

Convert Images to WebP using the Linux command line and Docker

The webp command line tool from Google makes it quite simple to convert images to the webp format from the command line. It can convert JPG, PNG, and TIFF images to WebP. Not sure what webp is? Read more about webp on Wikipedia. If you don’t have Docker installed on your system already, go ahead and install it now. Spin up a Debian Bookworm docker container and mount the directory with your images to the container. Read more...

Install OpenWRT x86 64 Using an A/B Partition Setup

A quick reference for OpenWRT Installation Prepare Debian bootable USB Connect your Debian USB and boot Download OpenWRT image onto the Debian USB Flash the SSD drive with the OpenWRT image Resize the OpenWRT partition Create an additional partition Upgrade Prepare a bootable Debian USB You can use another distro if you’d like. I use Debian as a personal perference and also because it’s relatively quick to create a live USB. Read more...