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Using a Kubernetes Configmap in a Pod

A ConfigMap is provided as a way to inject configuration data into a pod/pods. It can be included as files or be used as environment variables. Below are a couple of examples of mounting a configmap using both methods. Use as File In this first example I’ll show how to create a configmap and mount it using the key(s) as filenames and the data as the file content. It will then be used in an Nginx container as the index page. Read more...

Deploy WordPress on KataCoda Kubernetes

A step by step guide to deploying WordPress on Kubernetes provided by the KataCoda website. Please note that this shouldn’t be used for a production deployment and should only be used for learning and/or practice. Create a Secret for the MySQL Password The first step is to create a secret that can be used to store the MySQL database password. Later in the deployment this will be used in creating the MySQL database pod and then used by the WordPress pod to connect to the database. Read more...