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Connecting from Mac OSX to Ubuntu Desktop

After discovering how pleasant it can be without the sound of a whirring fan, I started looking for options to move my desktop as far away as possible so I no longer had to listen to all the fan noise.

The MicroSoft RDP App works great on Mac and allows me to connect to not only Windows but to Linux desktop environments.

After installing this on my mac I was able to remote into my Windows desktop (Follow this guide).

In order to allow connecting to a remote Linux desktop (specifically Ubuntu) using RDP follow the steps below to get the needed software installed.

Make sure the latest package info is pulled down.

sudo apt update

Install the package that makes it all possible:

sudo apt install xrdp

Enable it to start at boot.

sudo systemctl enable xrdp

Add the xrdp group to the user that will be connecting to the machine.

sudo usermod -aG xrdp $USER

Either reboot or run

newgrp xrdp

Finally, get the IP address of the Ubuntu machine and use that in the RDP app to connect.